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Bon Jovi Records Version of "Stand by Me" for Iranian People

With nearly wall-to-wall coverage of Michael Jackson's death, it might be easy to forget the ongoing struggle taking place in Iran. But rocker Jon Bon Jovi hasn't forgotten.

Earlier this week, Bon Jovi and bandmate Richie Sambora recorded a version of Ben E. King's classic "Stand by Me" with Iranian superstar Andy Madadian. Their mission: to send a message of global solidarity to the people of Iran who are caught in the midst of debate and protest over the country's recent election.

The track was produced by Don Was and John Shanks. As he introduces the music video (which you can watch in full below), Was says the track was never intended to be a hit single or even make it onto a CD, but to be shared. "It's intended to be downloaded and shared by the Iranian people... to give voice to the sentiment that all people of the world stand together," he says. Throughout the video, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the recording session, Bon Jovi and Madadian hold signs written that say "We are one." — one in English and one in Farsi.

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