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Hello Eveyone! :)

Hey guys! I'm new here and thought I'd post an offering of desktop backgrounds as a "thanks for having me" / introduction post.

I mainly do Bon Jovi graphics, and am working on finally getting my stuff online, so there'll be more on my lj soon. For now however...I've got three of these so far that include the whole band...
(just click on them for larger images)

^ Lyrics: "Story of my Life" off of  Have A Nice Day

^ A little cleaner than the black ones...
Lyrics: "Little Bit O' Soul" off of Keep The Faith

^ INCLUDING HUGH! :) ... Cause Hugh needs to be included in a lot more stuff than he is now.
(says the bass player writing the captions ^_^)
Lyrics: From pretty much every album... :D
Album Covers: Group and solo works. Yes, I'm missing The Circle, but I'll update for that soon!

Enjoy! And let me know if you want anything in a resolution different from 1280x800 :)

-Lemma's Moon
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